About us

STRUO architecture workshop dedicated to experimentation in architectural design, virtual space-formaldehyde, made up of architects, engineers, planners and artists, fusing experience, vision and career.

The genesis and structure of Struo is to realize the idealistic view to formal object-plastic, integrating technology, spatial perception and artistic elements of weather. The designs are not only architecture, as a whole correspond to individual pieces of high visual content, changing the traditional preconceptions of space, and demonstrating respect, the relationship with the surrounding environment. She conceived the architecture in its full extent, not only when you live, if not when it’s done.

Struo take a proactive role from the constitution of his team in cualpromovemos interaction among its members, in which the foundations are based on teamwork, knowledge transforming the sum of individual creative potential.

We believe that architecture is a language, where there are edges, or boundaries, we know that through experimentation will file the best results.